August Sketchbook


Sketching again with pen and ink.  Hard to keep it clean but I guess the fingerprint on top gives it a kind of signature.  Love working on values.

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New Home for “Third Is Our Son”


J.M. is the new owner of this 9″ x 12″ Oil painting titles “Third Is Our Son”.  Honoring her shyness I have only included a portion of her face.  But you can still see how beautiful and happy she is.  And I am very happy too.  I know this painting has found a good home.

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New Series in Progress


Working on this new series of 4 oils 24″ x 20″.  I have tried before to work on more than one painting at once but it is always difficult.  Having an easier time of it.  Letting go of some internal constraints and working easier and faster.  Let’s see how this turns out.  I never know until it is done.  I could get mired in the details…again.

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New Sketch


Watercolor and Ink sketch on sketchbook (non-watercolor) paper.  Thinking about making a big painting from this.   Hmmmm…..

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The Show is Over, On With the Show


Open Studio is done.  Actually it has been over 2 weeks.  It takes me a while to calm down again.  As you can see I had a lot of work up and a wide assortment of prints available.  I had a nice turnout but it was pretty quiet.  I think I am a bit hidden all by myself in my building.  I had lots of nice conversations and enough sales to break even.  Started a new painting and all of this is now down and put away.  On with the show….back to work!

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Still Getting Ready


I kind of like it like this but may move some things around tomorrow.  Open Studio 2015. Looking forward to it. One more day…

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Getting Ready For My Open Studio, With My Assistant



I have a lot to do to get ready for Open Studios this weekend.  I always try to not change too much and show it the way it is, usually.  But, most likely, I will move a lot around, as I always do.  Come and see what happens!

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Open Studio: Next Two Weekends!

Please come and visit me and my work at my studio at 1025 Carleton #6, in West Berkeley.

It will be open from 11-6 on June 6 & 7 and June 13 & 14.  Oil paintings, watercolors, and prints will be available to see and to purchase.  Other nourishment will include food and drink.  Wheelchair accessible and pet friendly.  There are many other studios open near me so I can give you a catalog and you can visit many other artists.  Or you can go online to and see where you would like to go.


Letting My Hair Down

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ProArts Gallery Open Studio Exhibit


“The Apple Of My Eye”, Oil/Canvas, 9×12 inches, can be seen at the Gallery at Frank Ogawa Plaza in Downtown Oakland from now until June 14th. With one piece from each artist, there are an amazing number ( over 400!) of wonderful pieces of art to see.  Don’t miss it.

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Berkeley City Hall 2014-2015

Berkeley City Hall 2014-2015


Another view from the elevator at City Hall but this time my work is on the 4th floor.  “New Kid On The Block” is on the left and “Green and In Between” is on the right.  Both are 30″ x 40″ and Oil on Linen.  They will be up until June when the new show is mounted. I intend to enter new work and hope to exhibit here again.

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